lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

Fight against the separation caused by the new ways of connection

New technologies, and particularly the Internet, are becoming more and more important each day in the information and communication fields.
Thanks to it we can communicate in real time with people all over the world by using several tools such as emails, social networks, or chats. Besides, we also obtain great benefits by being able to read online newspapers (which are constantly updated), watching the news and other programs live on stream, or whenever we can, and sharing this information we have obtained with other people.
Even though all these things seem to have only advantages, that´s not true. To be able to access internet or any other technologies, it is necessary to have certain infrastructures and economic level, and there are many people in the underdeveloped countries that still don´t have access to this, which nowadays means that they have a limited access to information and they are not as well communicated as they should.

These differences I´m talking about are what we know by “Digital Divide”. It has been defined as “the gap or imbalance in people´s access to digital information and technology, including physical access, economic resources and skills”.
We need to be very concerned about this, because Digital Divide is an important issue in a society in which information is power, and the Internet is the largest source we have. If people don´t have an equal access to Internet we would be creating more differences, rivalry and conflicts between individuals. What I mean by this is that if there are differences between people or between countries because some have a better political system or better economic resources, these would imply that their possibilities to access the new technologies are not the same. But in these days, to be powerful you need to be well informed and communicated, so by not being able to do so, the inequalities will keep getting bigger and bigger.
In my opinion, we should try to help and provide everybody (especially the ones with none or few resources) with the necessary tools to get involved in this new generation´s connection, in order to fight for a fairer and better world.

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